100th Episode Celebration & Season 1 Recap

June 28, 2018

The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show celebrates 100 episodes today!  Join podcast show host, Catherine Basu, as she counts down the top 5 most downloaded episodes of the first season of this health and fitness focused show that's designed to educate and inspire you while you get in a 15 minute walk. Catherine also shares the topics she'll be learning about at the IDEA World Convention and invites you to email her questions for the speakers. Don't forget to subscribe to the show so you're the first to tune in when season 2 launches and to check out an online small group fitness class from show's sponsor, Fit Armadillo.  Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 100


Tips for Getting Your Body Back after Twins with Sunit Suchdev

June 27, 2018

Sunit is a podcast host, life and wellness coach, speaker, published author and mom of twin boys. She believes that healthy happy moms raise health happy kids and encourages women to pursue excellence in all areas of mind, body, and soul. Today, she shares tips to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, specifically after childbirth as she shares insights from her health and fitness journey after giving birth to twin boys. Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 99


5 Tips to Make Home Cooking Easier with Chef Shelley

June 26, 2018

Wish you could hire a personal chef? Me too! But I'm not quite able to afford one so I was so grateful to be able to get some tips to make meal prep easier from today's guest, Chef Shelley. This Dallas suburb based private chef walks us through 5 tips that will help you save time and money when you cook at home, which is a great way to eat healthier and feel better from the inside out (as previous guests like Registered Dietitian Rebecca Lewis have shared). Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 98


Surviving Your First Triathlon: Tips from Lisa Patten

June 25, 2018

Fit Armadillo Certified Personal Trainer, Lisa Patten, just completed her 1st triathlon!  She recaps the experience and shares some of her tips for completing your first triathlon event.  Find out if this spinning instructor, powerlifter, navy veteran, and full-time wife and mom will be attempting another swim, bike, run in the future and what to know before you sign up for yours.  Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 97


Meet Trainer Lisa Patten: Navy Veteran, Powerlifter, Full-Time Wife & Mommy

June 22, 2018

Get to know Fit Armadillo team member, Lisa Patten! Lisa is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Spinning Instructor. She's also a Professional Fitness Writer who currently writes content for Certified Personal Trainer Exams and as a Health and Fitness Expert with LifeHack.org. Lisa is a Powerlifter, Navy Veteran and full-time wife and mommy.  Learn how she got her start in fitness and why she loves sharing this passion with others. Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 96


Deena Kastor on Marathoning, Motherhood, and Writing a Bestselling Book

June 21, 2018

New York Times Bestselling Author, Deena Kastor, comes back to talk about motherhood and writing her memoir, Let Your Mind Run.  Marathon training, being a mom, and writing a book are all challenging tasks. Which does Olympic medalist and American women's marathon record holder, Deena Kastor, consider the one that's been the most difficult? Find out and enjoy Deena's inspiration and positivity by listening to today's episode. For more insights on running and positivity, check out episode 94 with Deena. Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 95


Olympian, Author, and Marathoner Deena Kastor on Running and Positivity

June 20, 2018

Deena Kastor is one of the most decorated American distance runners. She holds 9 American records from the 5K to marathon, is an Olympic medalist, has won both the London and Chicago Marathons, and that doesn't even cover her full running resume! Her most recent accomplishment is becoming the New York Times Bestselling author of Let Your Mind Run, A Memoir of Thinking My Way to Victory. Today we chat running and positivity, two big themes of her book. Notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 94


Fitting Fitness into Motherhood and Business Building with Lauren Golden

June 19, 2018

Founder of The Free Mama Movement, Lauren Golden, helps mamas free themselves from the 9-5 grind. How does she teach moms to build freelancing businesses, spend time with her own children, and find the time for fitness? That's what we chat about in today's episode! Lauren might not have always had a fitness routine, but she's found something that's made staying healthy work with her full schedule. Find out what it is, and what she's learned along the way all while continuing to be the fearless leader of The Free Mama Movement, a thriving community of over 3,000 women that you're welcome to join. Get the details in the show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 93


Losing Weight & Getting Sober During Perimenopause with Lori Massicot

June 18, 2018

One of the "great" things about being a woman is that our hormones can make it very challenging to lose weight, but it can be done. Today's guest, Lori Massicot, shares how she got sober and healthy during perimenopause. Lori is now a certified nutrition coach and the host of the To 50 & Beyond Podcast. She specializes in helping women over the age of 40 lose the weight (both mentally and physically) to be happy and healthy and free from shame, guilt, and regret. Show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 92


Using Business Building Strategies to Reach Your Health Goals with Jena Rodriguez

June 15, 2018

Jena went from homeless, to having a great job, to business owner, to $700k in debt and bankrupt, to now generating over $1.2M as a Brand & Business Strategist. On stages, she captivates audiences with her transparency as she shares her mindset journey that brought her to where she is today.  For this episode she does the same while sharing how she's currently using the strategies she uses while coaching entrepreneurs to recommit to her personal health goals. You'll love Jena's personality and her actionable, insightful advice. Don't miss her Brave Entrepreneurs Facebook group! Find links in the show notes: FitArmadillo.com/Podcast The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 91