How to Hire a Personal Chef | Joanna Gold of Gold Plated

September 25, 2018

Want to hire a personal chef? Private chef and founder of Gold Plated, Joanna Gold, shares the ins and outs of hiring a personal chef to cook for you. The good news: you don't need to be rich and famous to work with a home chef. In fact, you might even save money by hiring a private chef to work for you! Learn what the first day of working with a personal chef is like and tips for what to tell your chef to get the biggest benefits from your relationship. Our conversation spans two episodes so be sure to subscribe so you can get the rest of Joanna's tips and lean how her company, Gold Plated, might be able to help you. Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 107


Making Fitness Fun with Cirque-It Fitness Founder Elizabeth Skwiot

September 24, 2018

Stuck in a fitness rut? Cirque-It Fitness founder, Elizabeth Skwiot, shares her fitness journey and the new fitness class she's created to inspire you to make fitness fun again. Tune in to learn more about her circus inspired circuit fitness classes that you can currently try in San Diego and more locations soon (Elizabeth also hosts teacher trainings for fitness professionals looking to offer this format in their home gyms). Not sure you want to try a Cirque-It Fitness class just yet? We also talk about what to look for in fun, efficient, and effective workouts and how to stay motivated no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 106


Tough Mudder & Grandma | Melissa Clark’s Fitness Journey

September 21, 2018

Melissa Clark might be a Grandma, but she's also a Tough Mudder athlete, runner, and Title Boxing Club member who's also lost over 50 lbs over the course of her fitness journey. She wants you to know that age doesn’t have to limit you, if you believe in yourself you can achieve fitness fabulousness at any age! Get inspired by her weight loss story and all she's accomplished so far. Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 105 


How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off as a Personal Chef

September 20, 2018

Losing weight is challenging enough, but what if you want to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off and your career revolves around delicious foods? Dallas-based personal chef, Chef Shelley, proves it's possible! Tune in to get inspired by Shelley's weight loss journey. As a chef, Shelley has been exposed to many different diet plans and healthy eating strategies. Find out what healthy eating strategy has worked for her and how she's used it to achieve and maintain a 30 lb weight loss.  Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 104 | Chef Shelley's previous episode #98 can be found HERE.


Working with a Health Coach | Guest ACE Health Coach Debra Aplis

September 19, 2018

Thinking of hiring a health coach? Learn more about working with a health coach from ACE-Certified Health Coach Debra Aplis.  In addition to sharing how a health coach can help you reach your goals, Debra shares her personal health journey. This registered nurse was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and tried everything before finding what really works and now loves sharing that knowledge with others. In addition to being a health coach, Debra is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Weight Management Specialist, has completed her Certificate in Mindfulness, and is working on a Certificate in Nutrition and Behavior Change. Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 103


An Intro to Intuitive Eating with Sarah Pruett Soufl Part II

September 18, 2018

Registered dietitian Sarah Pruett Soufl uncovers the final 6 of 10 principles of intuitive eating in this episode, the 2nd half of a conversation with her on this strategy. Learn more about intuitive eating and how it can help you start nurturing your body to find the weight you were meant to be so you can stop dieting and enjoy food again! Catch up on episode 1 HERE. Show notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 102


An Intro to Intuitive Eating with Sarah Pruett Soufl

September 17, 2018

Registered dietitian Sarah Pruett Soufl comes back to talk about intuitive eating. In today's episode, she uncovers the 1st 5 of 10 principles of this strategy that chronic dieters can use to make peace with food. Tune in to learn how to start nurturing your body to encourage more natural weight loss and find the weight you were meant to be. Subscribe to the show so you don't miss the 2nd part of this episode tomorrow. Notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 101


Behind the Scenes of The Fit Fifteen in between Seasons 1 & 2

August 29, 2018

Longtime subscriber of The Fit Fifteen podcast show? You might be wondering where season 2 might be. Afterall, it IS August 29th and last time we spoke, I said I'd release season two of the show in August.  Did I leave town? Run off to Bali to find myself (sadly, no, but as each day goes by this isn't sounding like the worst idea...). Come behind the scenes with me for an update on your favorite (right???) health and fitness podcast show.  BONUS: Join me for a FREE online workshop by heading to today's show notes HERE or registering HERE.


100th Episode Celebration & Season 1 Recap

June 28, 2018

The Fit Fifteen Podcast Show celebrates 100 episodes today!  Join podcast show host, Catherine Basu, as she counts down the top 5 most downloaded episodes of the first season of this health and fitness focused show that's designed to educate and inspire you while you get in a 15 minute walk. Catherine also shares the topics she'll be learning about at the IDEA World Convention and invites you to email her questions for the speakers. Don't forget to subscribe to the show so you're the first to tune in when season 2 launches and to check out an online small group fitness class from show's sponsor, Fit Armadillo.  Notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 100


Tips for Getting Your Body Back after Twins with Sunit Suchdev

June 27, 2018

Sunit is a podcast host, life and wellness coach, speaker, published author and mom of twin boys. She believes that healthy happy moms raise health happy kids and encourages women to pursue excellence in all areas of mind, body, and soul. Today, she shares tips to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, specifically after childbirth as she shares insights from her health and fitness journey after giving birth to twin boys. Notes: The Fit 15 by Fit Armadillo® #TheFit15 @TheFitFifteen @FitArmadillo Ep 99